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The top 5 Football Bet Tip to Follow in 2021! Is it possible to make money on football betting? What bets should a beginner choose for a match? How to bet on football events? Let’s try to answer these questions in the article. If you are new to betting, then the following football bet tip will help you avoid some common problems when getting started.

Choose a reliable and legal online bookmaker.

You should carefully choose a bookmaker because the safety of your money depends on it. There are legal and illegal betting sites. You can work with an illegal bookmaker, but you must understand the possible risks (site blocking, account freezing, etc.). If you are dealing with an unreliable online bookmaker, none of the betting tips will help you in a difficult situation.

Football bet tip

Analyze each football match before placing a bet.

This is one of the most useful football bet tips. To properly analyze the match, you need to pay attention to many factors:

– Current form of the teams. How the teams have been playing lately: how many wins, goals scored, and goals conceded.

– Request for a match. Evaluate the lineups for the loss of key players.

– The weather on the day of the match. Heavy precipitation can prevent the scoring team from showing a productive game.

If you can take into account all the little things that can affect the outcome of the match, you are more likely to succeed in betting on football.

Tip Bet Win

Use the “Catch Up” strategy.

Using this football bet tip, you bet on the outcome, the probability of which is about 50%, i.e. the coefficient in the region of 2. If the bet is not played, then next time double the bet size and so on until the bet is played. The last winning bet will cover all previous losses. However, your pot may run out before the bet wins. This sports bet tip also works in basketball and volleyball. You can find more information about this and other sports betting tips on Tip Bet Win. 

Top 5 Football Bet Tips to Follow in 2021

Give preference to betting on a draw.

Bookmakers usually give odds of around 3.50 or higher on a draw in a football match. And it can be profitable to bet on a draw.

To select matches, you need to use 4 criteria:

– There are a large number of draws in the selected football tournament.

– Based on the current tournament situation, a draw in the match will suit both teams.

– Football has become cautious in recent years – the opponents score few goals and often play each other in a draw.

– Teams often have drawn in the last rounds.

To get a guaranteed profit, it is enough to win every third bet on a draw.

Use the betting principle of “Win Draw Win”.

This tactic of betting on football events in recent years has gained great popularity among both beginners and experienced bettors.

Its basic principle is as follows: there are three possible outcomes for any football match that it represents: a win at home, a draw, or a win away. The first option refers to the designated “home” team, and the second option refers to the designated “away” or away team. Even where there is a neutral venue (i.e. none of the teams play at home), one of the teams will be allocated as the home team for the betting market. The home team always comes first concerning this market.

Win Bet Tip

Betting on football is true hard work. Therefore, if you dream of getting rich on a single bet, then we do not have a universal win bet tip for you. But what you should definitely try and test is the bet tip win 1×2 strategy and our informations about the bet tip win today!

Earning on bets, like any other type of earnings on financial instruments, is subject to risk. If you can earn 10% of your bank per month, you can consider yourself a very successful beginner.

Baskettball bet tip

If you are also interested in basketball, then take a look at our basketball bet tip. Here you will also find some useful tips for your basketball sport bets.

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